Nicole Parker

PA & Sales Assistant for Angela Parker

Mobile: 0211108935
Email: [email protected]

After five years in the Real Estate industry, Nicole is proving herself to be enthusiastic, loyal, honest, and a hard worker.
Born and bred in rural Rotorua, Nicole attended Kaharoa School, then Western Heights School and has a great general knowledge of Rotorua. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, running, fishing and exploring what New Zealand has to offer!
Nicole joined forces with Angela in early 2017, keeping her sales consultant license and specializing in dealing with buyers. In buying her first home with her partner in 2019, (after an unsuccessful multi-offer situation, she has been in the shoes of many buyers who are looking at getting on to the property ladder. She has a passion of working with buyers, and ensuring they have all the education and assistance needed to make the deal happen!